But How Can It Be That You are 100% American y 100% Latino At The Same Time?!

Understanding that Latinos in the United States are both 100% American and 100% Latino is the secret to cracking Latino consumer psychology and the Latino vote. Understanding our cultural duality will enable you to enter our hearts, minds, wallets, and gain our unwavering support. However, because our community is SO diverse there are a few […]

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Did You Know?

Mind Blowing Fact #1: Almost 84% of Latinos living in the United States are here legally yet are defined by the small minority of Latino illegal  immigrants that reside here. Mind Blowing Fact #2: It is significantly more accurate to say that a majority of illegal immigrants in the United States are Latino than it is to […]

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I mentioned in my first post how storytelling and diversifying the Latino storyteller base are two critical components in rewriting and redefining our narrative. I want to talk about rediscovering the richness and diversity that is Latino culture because crafting authentic stories that deeply resonate with our community require an intimate understanding of who we are […]

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Let’s Begin Writing New Stories

If the lion does not tell his story, then the hunter will. -African Proverb I remember first reading this proverb in Tell to Win by Peter Guber. The proverb emphasizes how there are always two sides to a story and how the storyteller with the stronger voice always controls the message. The storyteller that controls the message ultimately controls how […]

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