PopSugar Latina: Dare To Do What No One Else Is Doing For Latinas

I want to help PopSugar Latina become the #1 lifestyle brand for Latinas. It has been a year since the launch of PopSugar Latina. Considering that Latinas make up 17% of your target audience and Latinos in general spend the most time on social media networks than any other demographic, you are probably looking at your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages wondering: Where are all the Latinas? If the lack of engagement and low numbers of subscribers or followers disappoint you to the point where you are considering shutting down the site: Don’t Quit. Don’t join the ranks of the many media brands that quit and gave up too early when targeting the Latino segment. Latinos have a distinct, influential voice that isn’t heard or showcased in the media; I want PopSugar Latina to become that voice.

Last month at your Digital Content NewFronts presentation you announced your partnership with Broadway Video’s Más Mejor. It’s fantastic to see PopSugar continuing to collaborate with Latinos to provide our community with more content for us by us but Latinas need a lifestyle brand that empowers them with information that will enable them to make better choices to live better lives. I want PopSugar Latina to become the brand that empowers Latinas to become the strongest and smartest version of themselves. For the past year, PopSugar Latina has been doing what every other Latina lifestyle brand has been doing. I want to help PopSugar Latina differentiate itself from the pack and to differentiate yourself from the pack you have to do what no other digital space is doing for Latinas: Expand the lifestyle category, create useful content, and redefine bicultural to truly encompass both American and Latino cultures instead of solely focusing on everything Latino while neglecting everything American.

Expand The Lifestyle Category

The lifestyle category has become synonymous with beauty, fashion, and eating to be a size 2 which is ironic considering that there is more to life than clothes, makeup, and a small dress size. Clothes and makeup can only hide or enhance what is below the surface. It is important to first work on what is below the surface to build a strong spiritual and mental foundation. Latinas need a holistic lifestyle brand that encompasses and edifies the whole woman: mind, body, and soul. The lifestyle category should expand to not only include a mental and spiritual component but also see the female body within the context of health without being limited to dress size or weight. Few places nourish Latina minds that I would love PopSugar Latina to evolve into a site where Latinas can contribute to national conversations where they have been underrepresented such as women’s rights, healthcare, the economy, and small business since Latina-owned businesses are the fastest growing segment within the women-owned business market and start businesses at six times the national average. Few places educate Latinas about how to develop healthy bodies, eating habits, and teach them what goes in the food they consume. The Centers For Disease Control reports Latinos have the second highest obesity rate in the United States at 42.5% and face a diabetes epidemic exacerbated by our high rates of obesity. Let’s talk about food as more than just an indulgence and something with a capacity to eradicate such scary statistics. Clean eating, gluten-free, Non-GMO, and low glycemic are foreign terms to Latinas which is a shame because they stand to benefit a great deal if only they were educated about these eating habits. Integrating a holistic approach into the lifestyle category is what will make all the difference and better serve Latinas.

Create Useful Content

In Nielsen’s 2013 Latina Power Shift report, 62% of Latinas surveyed wished there was more lifestyle content written “for Latinas like me”and this is with sites like PopSugar Latina, Latina Magazine, GlamBelleza, and Cosmo Latinos available as options which highlights a disconnect between brands think Latinas want and what Latinas actually want. The same Nielsen study also reported that recipes and cooking, beauty tips, personal health and wellness, and fashion advice were among the top five most search topics by Latinas. The fact that the most searched topics among Latinas are areas where PopSugar excels in presents an opportunity for PopSugar Latina to be the answer to what Latinas are already looking for. In today’s noisy world, Latinos want curated content that reflects their varied interests and depicts them as multidimensional. Latinas want personalized information and expertise on beauty, fashion, and health. Latinas want beauty and fashion tips tailored to our various body types and skin tones. Latinas are strong women that are interested in becoming entrepreneurs, furthering their education, and becoming healthier only by looking at the present options available you would think all they care about is sex, makeup, clothes, and Hollywood gossip. Those areas are just one of the many interests of Latinas which Latina Magazine, Cosmo Latina, and Glamour’s Glam Belleza Latina have covered to the degree their own subscribers are clamoring for more substance. PopSugar Latina can become the first avenue that caters to Latina’s mind, bodies, and spirit and become the answer to publishing content with substance.

Redefine Bicultural

Cosmo Latina, Glam Belleza, Latina Magazine, and PopSugar Latina have come to view Latino bicultural content to mean Latinas must want to know everything about: Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, and Jennifer Lopez because they have Latino roots as well as avocados, tacos, margaritas, and hot sauce. The aforementioned celebrities don’t represent the typical Latino statistically speaking: bilingual, U.S. born, second generation Latino, and Mexican but rather the English dominant segment of Latinos which is still a minority among Latinos. Don’t confuse English dominant Latinos with bilingual, bicultural Latinos; there’s a difference and knowing this is the key to making inroads with Latinas. A lifestyle brand that is “All America. All Latina” doesn’t mean that Latinas just want to know about what is going within Latino culture but rather what is happening at the intersection of both cultures and the role Latinas play within said intersection.

Final Words

I want to help PopSugar Latina empower Latinas with practical tools that will enable them to live their best lives and make them the healthiest women physically, mentally, and spiritually. PopSugar has all the tools it needs to become the #1 lifestyle brand among Latinas. There is a tremendous opportunity in empowering Latinas with useful information and catering to wider interests which is PopSugar Latina’s for the taking.


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