About This Blog

Why I Started This Blog

I started this blog out of the disappointment of continuously being stereotyped, the desire to contribute to redefining the grossly misrepresented Latino culture, and an interest in marketing specifically, Latino marketing. Marketing has been an interest of mine after I graduated college and especially after I realized that there is a tremendous opportunity in Latino marketing helping brands understand our culture as brands still struggle to connect with the Latino segment and as a result leave this segment largely untapped because of brands’ inability to create engaging content and relevant campaigns. I have noticed that marketing is sometimes guilty of perpetuating Latino stereotypes but I really did not and could not believe that racism was the culprit. I discovered that the main problem is that most Americans have such a limited knowledge and understanding of who Latinos truly are as a people that it spreads into both their professional and personal lives; it would be unfair of me to label Americans as racists when the only thing most Americans are guilty of is ignorance when it comes to our understanding our culture. And how does one reverse ignorance? Through education which will lead to knowledge which will ultimately lead to an accurate, solid understanding of Latino culture.

Instead of complaining, I am choosing to channel this disappointment into something positive and productive: this blog.

What This Blog Means

This blog is one that seeks to challenge and change Latino stereotypes that are so pervasive and deeply engrained in today’s society while empowering Latino Millennials along the way to make their voices known and heard until the ‘invisible giant’ finally becomes visible. I have read countless of times that marketers are absolutely confused when it comes to understanding Latinos that I want this blog to provide a first hand account that educates them and allows them to get into our minds by reading our discussions. This blog is meant to educate readers about what it truly means to be both Latino and American. I want this blog to be a community that unites Latino Millennials from all over the internet and educate anyone reading this blog about what matters to us. I want us, Latinos, to finally be in control of our message and feel that a blog is the perfect way to start to organize our voice as well as build a platform.

Since the average age of the Latino population is 27 years old, making them part of the Millennial cohort, I am gearing this blog toward Latino Millennials. However, I will touch on topics that affect and appeal to Latinos in general. I welcome all readers from any and all backgrounds, Latino Millennial or not, into the dialogue!

Behind the Title

It took me a couple of days to come up with the title of this blog. I wanted something that was unique, sparked curiosity, a bit paradoxical, and drew the reader to want to know more. Initially, I was debating between A Voice for the Invisible Giant or A Voice from the Invisible Giant. I compared the definitions of for and from to select the preposition that best conveyed my message. Upon further delving into researching both prepositions, I learned that the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defined for as “on behalf of” or “in favor of” while from meant “used to show a point of separation”. I then instantly knew that A Voice for the Invisible Giant was the title that would be used as it perfectly suited the ultimate goal of this blog which is to be a voice “on behalf of” a huge segment of the Latino community that is seemingly ignored though ironically live and interact with other Americans on a daily basis.

Broken down, word for word, the meaning behind the title of this blog is as follows:

A Voice: Is in reference to my own thoughts, opinions, and ideas

for: Denotes my being in favor and support of the Latino community

the Invisible Giant: The meaning behind this part of the title is in reference to reading how Latinos feel ‘invisible’ in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Washington D.C., and Corporate America while the word ‘giant’ alludes to the fact that Latinos have been called ‘The Sleeping Giant’ due to the enormity of their political and economic power. This part of the title is paradoxical considering giants, by virtue of their enormity, power, and strength, tend to exert an inordinate amount of influence making it impossible to be invisible and ignored at the same time. Yet somehow the 55+ million Latinos living in the United States are not only grossly underrepresented (and misrepresented!) in almost every industry where they are key economic contributors but do not exert the power or influence nowhere near the amount that corresponds to their vast numbers.


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